Pre-Elmal Yelmalio

From: Schmidt, Erich (
Date: Thu 01 May 1997 - 13:23:18 EEST

I am starting a Gloranthan game this weekend with a bunch of players new to
Glorantha and I have some questions about the Sun Dome Temples.

Before Elmal was written into the script, the Orlanthi barbarians shared
Sartar, Tarsh, and the northern Holy Country with the Yelmalions, right?
 The Orlanthi usually lived in the highlands and the Yelmalions lived in the

Now, where did these Yelmalions come from? Did they emigrate from Dara
Happa bringing their religion with them? As I understand it, the Sun Dome in
Sun County is the exception as there are only Yelmalions there, the Yelmists
having gotten themselves slain in nomad raids and through participation in
the Dragonkill war.

If this is true, then the Sun Dome temple at the border of Sartar and the
Holy Country should be a full Temple administrated by Yelmic cultists and
defended by Yelmalions.

Now, enter Elmal. The solar tribes of the lowlands follow Elmal, not
Yelmalio. A branch of Elmal cultists, not Solar cultists, goes out to Prax
and forms a Sun Dome. Enter vision of many suns which I don't quite
understand and we have Yelmalions guarding the Praxian Sun Dome. What has
happened to the Sun Dome in Southern Sartar? Is it still solar or is it
Elmali now?

Once I figure out what was before, and what the situation is now, I can
start setting things in stone for my game. I have complicated things for
myself by incorporating Elmal into Orlanthi myth, but Elmal is not a solar
god. Elmal is the last survivor from Genert's Garden who has been accepted
into Orlanth's stead. Wounded by Chaos, Elmal lost the majority of his
Earth powers. Seeing this, Orlanth gifted him with the Golden Armor and
Bright Spear gained on previous conquests...

Erich Schmidt


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