Bows in near-melee situations

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Date: Fri 02 May 1997 - 00:23:00 EEST

Christoph Luehr has a little question:

>If a SC uses a bow as weapon, is there a minus for shooting at a very
>small distance?

From my experience, there are no adverse effects unless the target closes in
under arrow length. While it is possible to miss a target at 5 metres or
below, that is mostly due to the fact that targets tend to be the size of
about two hands. A human-sized chest is hard to miss, really...

>Or has a SC the same chance at every distance, e.g.
>only a few meters ? How do you handle such a situation ?

By doubling or applying even larger factors to the skill rolled. No multiple
attacks when the skill surpasses 100%, of course, but the chance to impale
rises drastically. In effect you have a very large target when you take an
ordinary-sized target that close.

If you try this against a charging foe, the player of the character should
roll something else though (like INT) to see whether he is smart and waits
only until the foe is a reasonable 5 to 10 metres away. Anything less, and
even a critical hit isn't likely to stop the attacker before his blow...

Jorganos Archer mode off...


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