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Date: Thu 01 May 1997 - 15:12:56 EEST

The Following appeared from my mind this morning!

 Kralori Mysticsim is based upon the concepts of social and spiritual unity,
within the constraints of individual diversity. It derives many of its concept
and philopsophies from that of Dragon worship. It seeks to recreate the
universal unity that existed within Ouroboros the Infinite Dragon. It states

that progression to this goal must be through the development of unity and
harmony and the reversal of creation in an organised manner so that the
recreation of harmony can begin again. This is to be through a religious and
spiritual development of the sentient social state that is Kralorela. Only when
harmony is found can the Infinite be saught. In the development of this
progressionadherants develop within themselves manifestations of the harmony to
come, echoes of the nature of the Grand Ancestral Dragon before his division
into the elements of the world.

 The Guides in this mystical progression are the Dragon Emporers, incarnations
of the Ancestral Dragons, placed on the face of Glorantha to teach the order t
at Harmony must take and to show the Paths of Unified Progression. They are the
'Architects of the World to be Again'. They have shown that social order and
mystical contemplation are the way to bring about the future. Social order was
established to comprhend the nature of the world and to prevent Orxili, the
First Philosphy of Chaos from recreating itself.

 Orxili is the monster of disunity and social discord that was combatted by the
Infinite Law of the Cosmic Dragon, and throught the Unkowable Six Principles was
dissected to make the universe. The Incursion that we know as Chaos are the
attempts of the monster to reunify its nature and destroy the Universe!
Mysticism does not seek to protect the hollow shell that is Glorantha, but
without the elemental nature of its form, we cannot return to the initial
Oneness of Infinity. When Harmony is found the Cosmic Dragon will once again
dismantle the world and recreate it in perfection.

 Kralorela is the only place in Glorantha that has begun to obtain this goal, it
is the only place that shall be redeemed and reborn with some degree of its
original nature. The rest of the universe shall be destroyed and so we shall
mourn them briefly before their passing, for their suffering shall teach us.

 The Six Knowable Principles of Kralori Mysticism;

 1) Recognise suffering. Life by its very nature is suffering, it is painful
from the moment of birth to the moment of death, to the moment of rebirth. This
is the pain that we must feel, it pervades the world from the wounds suffered by
the Grand Ancestral Dragon when it was dissected to create the world. Life is
the bearer of the Cosmos' pain.

 2) Suffering is caused by the ignorance of the nature of reality. It is the
craving, grasping and attachement to this reality that causes suffering. Let go
of this reality and look to the reborn world, then shall you ascend suffering.

3) Understand that to transcend suffering is to understand, but to understand
you must have suffered. Those that reject this concept cannot be a part of the
mystical rebirth of the universe. The Dragon Emporers have taught us this
through the pain of their transformations and the wisdom of the Camps of Eternal

4) Suffering can be understood and overcome by following the Noble Path of Nine
Virtues, which consist of right views, right intention, right speech, right
action, right livelihood, right effort, right-mindedness, right contemplation
and right obediance. The Dragon Emporers have taught us this through our system
of law and punishment.

5) To understand the Noble Path of Nine Virtues we must have walked the Ignoble
Path of Nine Sins, these consist of ignorance, omission, incomprhensibility,
inaction, debauchery, laziness, foolery and disrespect. these are the pathe of
the unenlightened and teach us to recognise the breakdown of Orxili and the
dysfunction of society. This path leads to ignorance, ignorance is suffering and
suffering must be overcome. The Dragon Emporers created the Gardens of Depravity
that they might FEEL the nature of corruption.

6) The body is made of the Five Bundles of Mystical Division, these are flesh,
feeling, perception, predisposition and conciosness. These represent in order
the belly, the claws, the head, the loins and brain of the Grand Ancestral
Dragon. The body is a temporary combination of these aggragates, which are
subject to continual change as the coils of the Cosmic Dragon passes amongst us.
In no two moments are we ever the same, but those who understand mysticism can
reach near harmony. When every one has succeded in finding their near balance
then the Cosmic Dragon shall be reborn and make us complete. Only the True
Prophets and Dragon Emporers have achieved their near balance and are ready. If
the aggragates are are allowed to become overbalanced, like a cup of water, then
this leads to the cravings that holds onto reality and that craving is

 The Words of Sun Li Hachi. Prophet of Ting Shui.

 aka Simon Bray.
 Sorry about the long post, but I had to get it out of my head!!


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