From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Fri 02 May 1997 - 06:49:57 EEST

David Cake:

> No information on the Veldang in there, though. Some in TOTRM #12,
>in a Paul Reilly scenario, but I'm not sure how widely shared Pauls ideas
>are, and besides, they refer to native Veldang, not the Veldang slaves of
>Fonrit, who might be quite a different situation.

I dislike the Veldang society presented in ToTRM #12. IMO it's far
too airy-fairy with the 'we know everything but do nothing about it'
ethic. I mean why bother? Sandy (whom I believe in) has mentioned
in the past that the Blues of Serrapu lake (sp?) have a culture
centred around knife making and he's also spoken of a tent city of
Blues near the Nargan (who didn't know of Artmal). Given this, I'm
inclined to say the Blues of Zamokil are extremely varied in culture
which may stem from them being different fragments of an long collapsed
Empire (ie the knife makers would have been a weaponsmith clan).

- --Peter Metcalfe


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