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From: David Cake (
Date: Fri 02 May 1997 - 06:58:42 EEST

Marion defends her unusual view of Hsunchen
>My concept of Hsunchen tribes still may hold true. The mythology of a
>tribe is one formed by what that tribe has experienced. By suggesting
>that all Hsunchen are of the same people, it is like saying that all
>Humans are of the same people. The latter does not deny the possibilities of
>different tribes and nations of humans, neh?

        Ah, but humans do not change tribes merely because they have
entered the territory of another. I do not think a Basmoli that travels to
Telmori lands suddenly starts turning into a wolf rather than a lion. In
fact, I don't think Hsunchen necessarily recognise each other as kin at

>David Cake:
><<Basmoli, for example, living in areas with no native lions at all. >>
> Do they? I thought there were Praxian desert lions. Or are you referring
>to some other Basmoli inhabited area I've forgotten?
        In several places its mentioned that there are no lions in Prax.
The Basmoli article in TOTRM said that what this really meant was that
there where no lions in Prax, but there were deep in the Wastes - but I
don't believe this either.

> << an orca follows its mother around until one or the other dies, and never
>leaves its mother >>
> And an orca pod consists of a single male and a harem of three to four
>females (plus sub-adults of both sexes), which is hardly matriarchal either.

        Definately not what they told me at the Whales exhibition last
week, and how could you doubt an exhibition with large animatronic whales
in it? - quick, is there a marine biologist in the house? Now that doubt
has been cast, I'd like to know the truth of the matter.




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