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Date: Fri 02 May 1997 - 07:16:26 EEST

To All:

As usual, I'm way behind. Still, a couple of comments.

On Rune Magic

I have liked the idea of regaining Rune Magic during High Holy Day
rituals. As for one-use spells, brought up recently, I have always had
the impression that initiates cannot sacrifice for those spells at all.
Finally, as for Sever Spirit, technically, yes, by allowing initiates to
regain spells once a year, each of them can cast this spell once each

However, I dislike this, and think most people would. When dealing with
Dave Cheng's RunePower idea, I divide spells into three categories:
Common, RunePower, and Special spells. Common spells should not be part
of the RunePower pool, IMO, since they are not tied to the god's runes --
they are generic. I also define some spells as Special -- they are also
not part of the god's RunePower Pool, and must be sacrificed for
individually. Thus, even though Sever Spirit is reusable for Humakt and
Resurrection is reusable for Chalana Arroy, these spells are the essence
of their natures, and so should not be castable "on a whim". If a Chalana
Arroy High Healer is going to Resurrect, I think she should have to
specifically set aside part of her soul to do this, aside from anything
else. So, when she casts Resurrect, she has to cast a single use of the
spell she has sacrificed for, rather than just 3 points of the Pool.
Sever Spirit is the same way.

And since Special, non-RunePower spells are not available to initiates,
IMG, the problem of the once-a-year Sever Spirit is taken care of. This
way, Chalana Arroy initiates cannot Resurrect, which is as it should be
- -- you've gotta be more dedicated than that to access the highest
secrets. This would apply to most major cults: Sunspear for Yelm,
Thunderbolt for Orlanth, maybe Spelltrading for Issaries. It helps to
keep the powergamers from having too many opportunities to run rough over
the bad guys

Stephen Martin
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