would the real Yanafals Tarnils...

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Date: Fri 02 May 1997 - 10:24:07 EEST

>David, you seem to be missing something here. The second and third variation
>you show above are one and the same. I will try to Illuminate you concerning
>the differences between Heartland and Provincial Yanfal worship.

        Ah, I would have said if anything the first (Lunar Army) and second
('curved sword Humakti') where the same, the difference just reflecting the
Heartland and Provincial attitudes, whereas the third (sub-cult of Seven
Mothers) was different, having access to very different magics. The
Heartland and Provincial versions of Yanafals Tarnils I envision as being
very different in culture and membership, reflecting exactly the army
officer/ heroic adventurer split that Nick talks about, but I think in
rules terms they are probably the same cult, or at least the same cult with
minor variations. While the Yanafal sub-cult, which retains access to all
the general Seven Mothers stuff, is in rules terms very different, though
sometimes the same in attitude.
        Admittedly this is sort of a rulesy argument, but the Yanafals
sub-cult of the Seven Mothers has access to magic like Mindblast and Lunes,
which I imagine the cult of Yanafals proper does not really care for (or at
least, YT is more likely have Morale and Sever Spirit and other traditional
Humakti things).

>There doesn't seem to be
>a great need for him as a god of warriors/soldiers. There already are Lodril,
>Shargash and a Carmanian version of Humakt floating about, not to mention the
>regimental wyters of the Red Army. So you get a lot of officer types as YT

        I'll agree you get a lot of YT types as officers, but there are
also YT only units. Oh, and there are lots of other deities worshipped by
the Lunar army. Lodril is probably the main cult of Pelorian light infantry
units, especially militia units. Shargash covers the wild Alkothi types.
But there are lots of other Dara Happans (Yelm associated cults like
Hastatus and Sagittus, cults like Polestar), the Heartland lunar
professional soldiers from Silver Shadow etc (likely to worship Yanafals),
and lots of regimental cults like Granite Phalanx. The Lunar Army is a
many-spendored thing. The real power of the Lunar army is that its well
trained and fairly standardised officer caste, almost all of whom are
active YT initiates, are able to coordinate its plethora of troop types as
well as they do.

>(I suppose some Dart Competitors might chose YT as a patron, but
>Danfive Xaron seems like a better choice; instead of sword, shield and ride
>of 90%, a DX 'Lord' would have backstab, sneak, and brew poison.)

        Not all Dart Competitors are assassins. Who would you want
defending you against those sneaky assassin types? Why, a YT bodyguard with
Sense Assassin, of course. And there are 'overt' Dart Wars as well, taking
the form of dueling and gladiatorial competitions, for which YTs are very
well suited. I imagine Dart Wars as being less a simple war of assassins,
and almost as much a war of sorcerers and political strategems.




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