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David Miller:

>Does anyone know anything about the Sun wheel dancers, all I know is
>that they are credited with the invention of the currency known as
>wheels. However I don't know in what age they lived or where they lived.

The Golden Wheel Dancers were a humanoid race who lived in Dragon
Pass. They were strong during the Silver Age but started dying out
for unknown reasons after the Dawn. They were notable in that they
could transform themselves into a golden artifact of so
rts (most commonly a wheel) when they retire.

Erich Schmidt:

[has a few questions on Elmal].

>Before Elmal was written into the script, the Orlanthi barbarians shared
>Sartar, Tarsh, and the northern Holy Country with the Yelmalions, right?
>The Orlanthi usually lived in the highlands and the Yelmalions lived in the

If you want the standard version, then Elmal was there *before*
Yelmalio who is a recent arrival. At the time of King Saronil's
death (1550 ST), the Orlanthi inhabit both the highlands and the
lowlands with some tribes and clans worshipping Elmal. As one
heads north towards Peloria, the proportion of clans worshipping
Elmal will increase.

>Now, where did these Yelmalions come from? Did they emigrate from Dara
>Happa bringing their religion with them? As I understand it, the Sun Dome
>in Sun County is the exception as there are only Yelmalions there, the
>Yelmists having gotten themselves slain in nomad raids and through
>participation in the Dragonkill war.

Nobody knows for certain the origins of the Yelmalio (human) cult.
When King Saronil died, the only Yelmalions in glorantha were those
who lived in and around the Sun Dome Temple in Prax. They had been
settled there from Dragon Pass by one Arinsor Clearmind during the
days of the Empire of the Wyrm Friends. Now we know that their cult
ultimately had its origins in the Elf Cult of Yelmalio (which is
quite different). How this happened is a mystery as the records of
the EWF are lost to us.

Orlanthi histories do speak of a army of Yelmalio worshippers
settling a temple in Holay in 562 ST. However these records
are modern and the names have been updated to make them
understandable to the average barbarian. Yelmalio is not
worshipped by the Dara Happans but they did have a temple style
known as the Sun Dome. Hence the settlement of Holay refers
to the foundation of the Sun Dome Temple there. Although
the God in the Temple is Yelmalio *now*, it was dedicated to
a different god (not Antirius) when first constructed. Think
of the Muslims dedicating the Hagia Sophia to Islam and you
have a good idea of what has happened.

But get back to the point ('Where did these Yelmalions come from?'),
the Sun Dome Temple of Dragon Pass was settled by Monrogh Lantern
after he had been to Teshnos and recieved the Vision of the Many
Suns. He took some of the lore of Sun County and some of their
people with him and resettled the Dragon Pass Sun Dome Temple.

>If this is true, then the Sun Dome temple at the border of Sartar and the
>Holy Country should be a full Temple administrated by Yelmic cultists and
>defended by Yelmalions.

No, because the Temple lies within Dragon Pass proper. Its inhabitants
were killed during the Dragonkill War and the site of the Temple was
occupied by trolls for many decades afterwards.

>What has
>happened to the Sun Dome in Southern Sartar? Is it still solar or is it
>Elmali now?


Simon Bray:

>Kralori Mysticsim [...] derives many of its concept
>and philopsophies from that of Dragon worship. It seeks to recreate the
>universal unity that existed within Ouroboros the Infinite Dragon.

A couple of minor nitpicks.

1) The Kralori way is not derived from draconism, it *is*

2) A Kralori would not know of Ouroboros (or Orxili) as that is
    an EWF term. He would recognize the concept in translation
but he would use different names. This has lead to the Kralori
draconism being labelled 'corrupt'.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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