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Date: Fri 02 May 1997 - 21:27:10 EEST

Torbjorn Andersson wondered

> What does =B3forming/forging a ring=B2 actually entail?

In the PenDragon Pass Orlanthi campaigns, there's a pair of rune spells we
use <>:

Bless Ring 3 points, ritual, reusable
       This short ceremony temporarily adds +6 to Loyalty (Ring) and allows
an inspiration roll for members of that ring.

Form Ring 1 point, ritual, reusable
       This spell binds individuals into a ring. They start a Loyalty
(Ring) passion at 3d6. Participants can sacrifice a point of POW to start
with a 2d6+6 Loyalty (Ring) passion.
       A person can be a member of more than one ring.

In my most recent game <>,
a character used Form Ring to make an anti-Basmoli ring. I doubt anyone
will ever be able to roll on this Ring passion again, but it sure came in

As far as the clan ring, membership seems (in Jeff's game, and I concur) to
be more or less up to the clan chief. Once he's picked the people he wants,
he'll assign them seats as appropriate. (In later years, this may become
more formalized, so there's always for example Lightbringer positions.)

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