Orlanthi women?

From: Jane Williams (janewill@mail.nildram.co.uk)
Date: Fri 02 May 1997 - 23:21:13 EEST

Jeff Richard said:
> I personally am uncertain whether women can directly initiate
>into the cult of Orlanth the Thunderer.

One bit of evidence in favour: I don't like it, but it exists. The Sartar
High Council scenario in Wyrms Footprints shows the various "faces" of
Orlanth represented, and has Kallyr Starbrow in the Thunderous slot. No,
not Adventurous (=Vinga). Thunderous. I think we can conclude from this
that she is at least a Thunderous initate, more likely considerably
higher rank. (Stated as priest, in fact). And since she's female, it
must be possible for women to join Thunderous. Unusual, yes, but

Persoanlly I think the whole question of which aspects of Orlanth women
can join has to depend on how you divide the cult up to start with, and
that in itself will vary with location and date.

As a very general principle, I'd say that there are only gender
restrictions on a cult when the main purpose of the cult is somehow tied
to either male potency or female fertility. So Orlanth the Father, the
ultimate clan ancestor, the main-stream cult: no. But if Thunderous is
separate from this, then sure, why not? Similarly if you look at the
adventures of Orlanth Adventurous and conclude that many of them are
about attempting to seduce every goddess in reach, then women can't join
Adventurous either. (But they can join Vinga: same powers, but without
the Seducer aspect and with a few "protecting women" additions).

Does this make any sense? I have problems going from this theory to the
position of Yelmalio in Sun County, and the undoubted presence of a Light
Lady: my get-out is that she is a Light Lady, not a Light Priest, and
Yelmalio still has two aspects. (Also, she seems to be barren, which
would fit).

Jane Williams jane@williams.nildram.co.uk


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