Ralios campaign, telling time

From: GBailey@aol.com
Date: Sun 04 May 1997 - 02:35:01 EEST

I'm new to the list. I recently started a Rolemaster
campaign in Glorantha in the northern Ralios region
(RM is the system the players wanted). The PCs are
in the army at a frontier post guarding the road going
to High Llama Pass, their jurisdiction doesn't go
that far, though. The players have never played in

Two of the three players are hack-n-slashers so it's
getting more disappointing to show them the "wonders"
of Glorantha and have them not care. I first introduced
them to broos, and since they were led by an NPC
"sargeant" he told them to burn everything and not touch
anything. A mistake on my part, a problem with diseases
would have given them worry. But I have another chaos
horror waiting for them... a Jack O-Bear. :)

My question has to do with telling time in Glorantha, especially
in the Ralios region. I asked this in the RM mailing list as
a general question and learned that water clocks have been
around for a long time. Are they, or any other time device,
operating in Glorantha? I ask this since one of the h-n-s'ers

"demanded" to know how long, in hours and minutes, since
a group passed through the area. I told him before sunset
(is that Yelmset?) it was currently after sunset,
but this was not good enough. I finally
gave in, but now realized I should have made him try a
Time Sense (RM skill) roll. Actually, the witness should have
attempted it (and failed of course).



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