Tales of the Reaching Moon #16

From: David Hall (Glorantha@compuserve.com)
Date: Sat 03 May 1997 - 13:20:35 EEST

Our Lunar special issue was delivered on Thursday to coincide with the th=
sea of electoral red (or is that a mauve-purple) sweeping over this Green=

and Pleasant Land. It looks fantastic! And so does the magazine. =

UK subscriber copies will be sent out in the next week or two. US copies
are winging their way over to the distributors by courier, while the
Australian copies are flying over courtesy of the Royal Mail. Other
distributor copies will be sent out asap. =

The zine itself is a mega 68 pages in size and sports a magnificent Lunar=

cover illustration by Dario Corallo. The contents include:

- The Body of Rufelza (the Red Moon)
- The Cult of the Red Emperor
- The Cult of Danfive Xaron
- The Oronin Valley
- Chariot Gods
- The Seleric Verses =

- An Interview with Roan-ur
- Scenarios and cameos
- Gossip, rumours, letters, plants, and loads more! =

E-mail me at Glorantha@compuserve.com if you want to find out how to orde=
a copy! =

All Hail the New Moon! =

David Hall


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