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Joerg Baumgartner:

[Where the Yelmalions come from]

>Not exactly Dara Happa, but IMO the barbarian lands of Vanch, or the
>Sankenites, a tribe or nation of warlike people living east of the Oslir
>Valley. IIRC Nick Brooke told me that they were part of the "Land of Heroes"
>Verenmars inherited from Emperor Sarenesh.

The Sankenites are well before the 'Land of Heroes' and appear to
have died out before the Ordanestyu Dynasty. IMO the name is that
of a royal house of a Heortling tribe (probably the Berenthtelli).

UL>: In 562, an army of Yelmalio worshippers came into the Greylands and
>: settled a temple city in Holay. (p.24)

>"Yelmalio worshippers" can be read as "Sun Dome worshippers", and the
>temple city will have been a Sun Dome Temple similar to those south of
>Sartar and on the Zola Fel. Little is known about the exact nature of
>this sun dome god.

Note the mention of the Sun Dome Temple. This would rule out the
Vanch origin as there is no Sun Dome Temple near the Hills of Gold.
If such a Temple had existed historically in Vanch then I would
expect it to have been rebuilt when the Lunars transplanted the
cult throughout South Peloria.

As for the nature of the Sun Dome God, I doubt that it was a form
of Antirius as that god had undergone a radical redefinition during
the Ordanestyu Dynasty (when the Sun Dome Temple of Holay was founded)
to become the guardian god of the Emperor.

>The region of lower Vanch
>is shown as a separate political entity called Terarir. As noted above,
>after the reign of the Dragon Sun this region is reckoned as the "Land of
>Heroes". Possibly already earlier, and wouldn't the land to provide
>effective troops to fight the digijelm be considered heroic in Dara Happa?

However the Sun Dome Templars were hoplites. The Vanchites are
Elmali and thus mounted.

Me>>But get back to the point ('Where did these Yelmalions come from?'),
>>the Sun Dome Temple of Dragon Pass was settled by Monrogh Lantern
>>after he had been to Teshnos and recieved the Vision of the Many
>>Suns. He took some of the lore of Sun County and some of their
>>people with him and resettled the Dragon Pass Sun Dome Temple.

>Isn't this backward? Didn't Monrogh establish the Dragon Pass Sun Dome
>religion in order to fight the Kitori tribe?

Huh? You've lost me. AFAIK Monrogh didn't quest for a religion when
Tarkalor had become dragged into the Kitori feud. It seems to me that
when Tarkalor promises the 'disgruntled Elmali' the land of the Kitori
where they can have 'the chance to make their own rules', the Yelmalio
religion has already been revealed and accepted by them.

As for dating 'when Tarkalor was looking to make a name for himself'
to when Saronil was still alive, you must remember that in the reign
of Jarolar and Jarosar, Tarkalor would have been full of schemes to
increase his own prestige among the tribes.

Glen Bailey:
>I asked this in the RM mailing list as
>a general question and learned that water clocks have been
>around for a long time. Are they, or any other time device,
>operating in Glorantha?

Water clocks are in common use by the west and every town square
has at least one.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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