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Date: Mon 05 May 1997 - 12:57:14 EEST

Trent Smith:

>Offensive spells (Befuddle,
>Disrupt, etc) aren't mentioned, and probably no longer exist. Rather than
>actual "spells," these seem much more like "blessings."
I'm sure malefic spells (ie Pox) will exist under the new paradigm, it's
just that they would be more exotic.

Paolo Guccione;

GS>> Battle Magic: These spells are not always successful, nor simply
>> based on some statistic. They work more quickly and efficiently when
>> they are used often (thus, a Humakti's Bladesharp is probably more
>> likely to work than an Orlanthi's).

>I had a discussion with Peter Metcalfe and Erik Sieurin [...]
>on this digest some time ago about Low Magic in the Lightbringer
>cults. Everybody agreed that worshippers had some sort of means
>of manipulating their Battle Magic with something similar to
>sorcerous Intensity, though we could not agree what skill or stat
>determined the degree of manipulation a cultist had access to.

I think I was debating that westernized Orlanthi would have more
control over their magic than the standard Orlanthi. However it's
a bit moot as the above description of battle magic looks
suspiciously like the RQ3 sorcery rules! The humakti is better

at casting his spells because he uses it more often. Of course
IMO the humakti would rationalise this disparity by saying that
his magic comes from the Death God rather than his being more adept.

Although, it's my impression that GS is merely describing how the
magic works for the Orlanthi. I presume the Westerners might be
somewhat different.

Simon Bray:

> Where/when was Ouroboros and Orxili described as being a EWF concept?
>I always thought that it was a Dragonewt concept.

It is a Dragonewt concept for the Dragonewts of Dragon Pass. However
we have no evidence that the Dragonewts of the Far East are xerox
copies of the Dragonewts of Dragon Pass. In addition to this, the
dragonewts of Dragon Pass are unable to understand why the Dragons
are collaborating with the Kralori.

>I know that the poem Ouroboros was
>translated by a God Learner (according to Wyrms Footnotes), but this
>could have been a God Learner member of the False Dragon Ring.

But the False Dragons Ring apparently did not know draconic. When
the Inhuman King betrayed the empire, "millions of people across
Peloria and _hundreds_ of God Learners elsewhere in the world, lost
all memory and understanding of Old Wyrmish..." (my emphasis). If
the False Dragons Ring relied on Old Wyrmish then they would have
had considerably more than the 'hundreds' recorded. Furthermore
the False Dragon's Ring remained in power until it is destroyed by
the War in Heaven some eighty years later.

Stephen P Martin:

>Um, excuse, but where does it say that female green elves _specifically_
>cannot rise higher than Children of the Forest in the Aldrya "cult"?

Nowhere. I just said they _rarely_ rise higher, echoing the Elder
Races book (p52) "Female Green Elves rarely leave the Children of
the Forest subcult".

- --Peter Metcalfe


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