7 mothers and other Lunar Cults, Orlanthi Slavery Practices, and other stuff

From: remster@interport.net
Date: Mon 05 May 1997 - 14:07:43 EEST

Hello again... a few general debate questions for the list.

(1) Does any one have any info as to a complete list of Lunar Cults in
the Lunar Empire? I am especially interested in Lunar Hero Cults,

various aspects of the 7 mothers and who they were when they were
mortal, various incarnations of the Red Goddess on Earth/Glorantha
(Hon-Eel the Artess, Jar-Eel the Razoress, especially her struggles and
romances with Argrath! etc...) In my 'Liberation of Sartar' setting, I
want my PC's to run into just more than 7 mothers dupes, and give Lunars
the full justice they deserve.

(2) Do the Orlnathi of Ralios, Northern Pent, or Dragon Pass/Sartar
practice slavery in any form, such as the Fonrit peoples,Pelorians or
Prax Tribes do? What are the slavery practices, in brief, of the
aforementioned peoples? I think it would be inconsistent that Slavery of
any form would be practiced in Orlanthi culture, as Orlanth is one of
the penultimate Gods of Freedom and Justice.

(3) Anyone care to take a stab at what the actual game stats may be for
persons such as Jar-Eel, Argrath or Kallyr, or other Dragon Pass

notables, in RQ3 terms? What might the sources of Argrath's special
magic be?

(4) Finally, what's the full story on Sheng Seleris? What God or Gods
did her worship? Were his powers Shamanic in nature, gotten from pacts
with various Great Spirits, did he serve Dara Happan Nomad deities,
what? All that I know from what little I've read of him is that he was
bad ass in a major way, enough that the Lunars tried to lock him into a
Hell, especially made for him!

Waiting for Answers! - Chris Bell


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