Humakt and the Sword

From: Nikk Effingham (
Date: Mon 05 May 1997 - 17:12:53 EEST

>>Hasni just told me today
>>that (at least in one version) the Lightbringers encounter Humakt in Hell,
>>something I had never heard before.
> In one version, they encounter Humakt at the Gates of Hell, and
>Orlanth gives him the Sword Death back as his price of entry. KOS pg 68 In
>other versions, he is one of the dead/captured/broken gods encountered in
>the Emperors court. The first version might be the Humakti cult version?

 Firstly, I always liked the BOok of Drastic Resolutions description of what
Humakt did to get Death back. Secondly, Orlanth didn't have the Sword by
this time, it had long ago passed back into the hands of the Trickster. I
think that Orlanth gave him his copy as entrance fee (and there's Humakt
thinking "Is this it?? I think so.... [sounds of christmas paper being
unwrapped] d'oh!! Try again." and then continue onwards).

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