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It's Red, It's Red, It's All Red!!! Oops, sorry, election-night flashback.
(What a party!)

Chris Bell has some good questions:

> 1) Does any one have any info as to a complete list of Lunar Cults in
> the Lunar Empire?

I wrote an article on "Gods and Goddesses of the Lunar Way" for Tales #16,
but sadly it had to be pulled at the last minute when Greg Stafford was
unable to find the time to revise it. The deities featured in my article
were (in order of appearance):

Yanafal Tarnils - Ram and Warrior
Irrippi Ontor - The Brown Man
Danfive Xaron - Bridge for the Seeker
Jakaleel the Witch - Spindle Hag
Teelo Norri - Young Life
Queen Deezola - The Binder Within
unnamed servant - She Who Waits


Verithurusa - The Virgin Goddess
Lesilla - The Queen of Heaven
Gerra - The Suffering Woman
Rashorana - The Great Teacher
Orogeria - The Huntress
Natha - The Balancer
Zaytenera - She Who Comes

The Young Elementals - The New Creation
Etyries - Tongue of the Goddess
Nysalor - The Bright One
Gbaji - The Deceiver
The Crimson Bat - Steed of the Goddess
Orlanth - The Last Enemy

Great Sister - The Emperor's Shadow

Glamour - Goddess of Beauty
Yara Aranis - Goddess of the Reaching Moon
Hon-Eel the Dancer - Goddess of Maize
Jar-Eel the Razoress - Superheroine

Kana Poor - Scribe of Time
The Twin Stars - Handmaidens of the Goddess
Hwarin Dalthippa - The Conquering Daughter
Aronius Jaranthir - Saviour of Carmania
Kalikos - The Icebreaker

The article also featured boxes on the Three Worlds (Mortal, Divine and
Mystical), the story of the Moon Goddess, the Old Gods and the Lunar Way,
the Lunar Mission, Other Moons, and Lunar Worship in Other Lands. With any
luck we'll be able to print it before long, perhaps as part of the booklet
accompanying "Life of Moonson". I'll happily answer general questions, but
given that we're planning to publish this (not to mention its length!), I
won't be posting the whole kaboodle to the Daily.

Greg Stafford occasionally produces lists of "Gods of the Lunar Empire",
but these are usually lists of surviving indigenous cults (e.g: Yelm,
Surenslib, Lodril, others) rather than the actual deities of the Lunar Way.
As you were specifically asking for "Lunar Cults", I'll not waste your time
with these. You can find more by ploughing through the Entekosiad or
Glorious ReAscent (or visiting Dave Cake's estimable "Pelorian Prosopaedia"
on the Web).

Two funnies: name-change freaks sometimes call the Red Goddess 'Rufelza'
(Pelorian for "red goddess") or 'Shepelkirt' (Orlanthi for "poison blood"),
and/or the Red Emperor 'Takenegi' (Pelorian for "first among the Egi").
Watch out for these in recent revisionist works.

> 2) Do Orlanthi practice slavery? ... I think it would be inconsistent
> that Slavery of any form would be practiced in Orlanthi culture, as
> Orlanth is one of the penultimate Gods of Freedom and Justice.

Yep, Orlanthi are (of course) stinkingly inconsistent, and practice slavery
with gay disregard of all this "Life, Liberty & Happiness" guff they spout
(just wait for the shrieks of protest!). "Freedom and Justice are for *us*,
not for everyone!".

Cults of Prax (perhaps a bit OOD) says:

: The Sartarite tribes of Dragon Pass had a system whereby captives were
: slaves, and specialists occasionally were purchased as well. Captives
: commonly were put to work as field or herd workers and allowed to worship
: most of their own deities except for Orlanth or any sky deities.

This status would be the "thralls" of Heort's Laws (I think: my KoS has
gone walkies and I'm slightly underinformed). Certainly they were in David
Hall's Lismelder campaign.

CoP also says:

: The Holy Country included Sartar-like customs among most of their popu-
: lace. A cult of freedom was there which opposed the practice, but did
: not try to force freedom upon unfeeling owners. The cult was popular
: among many of the Holy Country elite, and several large landholders did
: not practice ownership of humans.

And this is borne out by the description of Heortland in "Genertela":

: The "unfree" class is so abhorrent to the Heortlanders that fewer
: slaves or serfs exist here than in most western countries.

> 3) Anyone care to take a stab at what the actual game stats may be
> for persons such as Jar-Eel, Argrath or Kallyr, or other Dragon Pass
> notables, in RQ3 terms?

Not in RQ3, but you can find the twenty-year old extremely clunky Arduin
Grimoire (i.e. D&D rip-off) stats for many of the Heroes of Dragon Pass in
the back of "Wyrms Footprints". Unplayably silly, of course.

> 4) Finally, what's the full story on Sheng Seleris? [source of powers]

A Pentan shaman-hero-demigod. His powers were personal and shamanic in
origin, but the Great Spirits he contacted were most likely Yelmic (e.g.
Kargzant and his ilk), though some would be Kralori/Pentan exotics and
underworld nasties (look at the bottom line of the Gods Wall in GRAY for
some evil ideas).



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