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Chris Bell:
> I want my PC's to run into just more than 7 mothers dupes, and give Lunars
the full justice they deserve.

Hurrah! Get the latest "Tales"!

>(2) Do the Orlnathi of Ralios, Northern Pent, or Dragon Pass/Sartar
practice slavery in any form, such as the Fonrit peoples,Pelorians or
Prax Tribes do?

"Orlanthi" (a pretty varied lot), do keep slaves, which they call
"thralls". They are often people captured in battle or stolen in raids.
 They are generally not from very close by, or they would run away.
Very poor people, or people without kin to avenge them may also become
thralls, "for their own protection".

Thralls do all the unpleasant tasks, and don't get to keep anything they
produce, unless their masters say so. They also are not allowed to
participate as initiates in the Orlanth and Ernalda rites. I doubt they
are bought and sold, as slaves are at Pimper's Block in Prax. But they
might be traded or gifted. You decide the difference.

]> I think it would be inconsistent that Slavery of any form would be
practiced in Orlanthi culture, as Orlanth is one of
the penultimate Gods of Freedom and Justice.

As with most things in Orlanthi society, (rights, respect, cattle),
"freedom" belongs to those strong enough to demand it and keep it.

Peloria and Fonrit have more codified institutions of slavery, but most
of their society is more codified than Orlanthi society, because they
have higher population densities. I think Fonrit has developed slavery
far more than any other culture in Glorantha.

>(4) Finally, what's the full story on Sheng Seleris? What God or Gods
did her worship?

Himself. Sheng strived to become a god, and his men worshipped him. In
general, his crowd worshipped the ancient celestial leaders.

> Were his powers Shamanic in nature,

Yes. And probably priestly as well. He may have started life as a
Kargzant worshipper.




>I'm setting up things so that while men hold most of the leading social
roles, women who wish take up a male role can do so.
through Orlanth.

Our model calls defines the "Religion of Orlanth and Ernalda". Just
because Ernalda isn't mentioned much doesn't mean she isn't there.
Ernalda is Queen. Her worshippers can hold high rank as priestesses and
queens. Lismelder was a Ernaldan woman, and wound up becoming chief of
the Lismelder clan when it split from the Malani in 1354. (See the
description of Jeff's "Taming of Dragon Pass" campaign, on David
Dunham's website.)

Ernalda worship defines womanhood in Orlanthi society, just as Orlanth
worship defines manhood. IMO, the sexes do not initiate to the cult of
the opposite sex. To be an initiate is to know the mysteries, and those
mysteries are deeply ingrained in gender-specific fertility and norms.

There is some variation in life path already present into these deities.
  Ernalda is pretty much a woman's god, but Orlanth encompasses Vinga
Orlanthssdaughter and Barntar Bulltamer (popular among male farmers).
(Heck - Vinga may also be linked to Ernalda - why not?)

  Vinga nd Barntar are the basic "crossover" paths for the sexes, and
are considered quite normal for people to join. (Though Barntar is much
more common than Vinga.) And Barntari are also Orlanthi worshippers.
They compose most of the fyrd that a chief summons for battle.

>according to the writeup in the RQ3 deluxe book on Ernalda, men are accepted
as Initiates and Priests.

Don't believe everything you read. IMO, a man who wanted to specialize
in farming/earth fertility would follow the paths of Barntar.

> It's somewhat sexist to force women into a subservient 'women's version' of
a cult,

Who says Vinga is subservient? And don't make the mistake of assuming
that Ernaldans are weak and unimportant. They greatlly influence the
fertility of the fields, herds, and population. This is INCREDIBLE
power in an agrarian society. It is a power we tend to overlook as
gamers, coming from non-agrarian societies. BTW, most Vingans are also
Ernaldans, though they would probably remain basic initiates and not
become deeply involved in ernaldan fertility mysteries.

>) Vinga does not rate enough of her own mythology to justify her getting a
Cult writeup that is as
powerful as Orlanth's.

Vinga's cult is never going to be as large as Orlanth's, nor have as
many spells. (But few Orlanthi have access to all the spells available
throughout Orlanth's cult, either.) In addition to their own spells,
Vingans may borrow some from Orlanth and Ernalda. Go ahead and write
some Vinga myths to give her more paths. There has not been a lot of
work done on Vinga either - what an opportunity!

Looking at a glass half full -



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