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Date: Mon 05 May 1997 - 23:51:08 EEST

Trent Smith wrote of the Glorantha magic guidelines

> Magic points would be replaced by
> some sort of "fatigue" from spellcasting.

Not necessarily. I interpreted these as guidelines for authors. Thus, when
someone cast a spell, they'd feel drained (fatigued). You'd write it as
such, rather than writing that their aura were diminished or they felt less
powerful. But a game could still represent this with magic points or
fatigue points or something else.

And Peter Metcalfe wrote

> the above description of battle magic looks
> suspiciously like the RQ3 sorcery rules!

Again, not necessarily. RQ3 already makes casting spirit magic darned
difficult (for the average 10 POW person, at least). I'd interpret the
familiarity argument as a bonus to the rather low POW*5 roll. (What, you
don't think it's low? Try running a POW 3 character sometime.)

The main lesson from the guideline is: don't use RuneQuest (or any other
game rules) as a model for what Glorantha is really like. Games will
emphasize certain aspects (e.g. the frequency of fumbles or resurrection)
for dramatic or MGF reasons.

Chris Bell asked

> Do the Orlnathi of Ralios, Northern Pent, or Dragon Pass/Sartar
> practice slavery in any form, such as the Fonrit peoples,Pelorians or
> Prax Tribes do? What are the slavery practices, in brief, of the
> aforementioned peoples? I think it would be inconsistent that Slavery of
> any form would be practiced in Orlanthi culture, as Orlanth is one of
> the penultimate Gods of Freedom and Justice.

Yes (though I'm not aware that there are any Orlanthi in northern Pent who
aren't themselves slaves). They use the term "thrall." Supposedly slavery
is not practiced much in Dragon Pass, but I believe this is the ideal more
than the practice. Children of slaves are not slaves in Orlanthi society.

I see you're listening to Lunar propaganda. Orlanth is not the penultimate
god of Freedom and Justice, but the ultimate!

> Anyone care to take a stab at what the actual game stats may be for
> persons such as Jar-Eel, Argrath or Kallyr

Judging from her picture in Wyrms Footprints, Kallyr is perhaps APP 11
(though she was probably higher as a girl). I'm sure Jar-eel is much

> You don't see Heler or Elmal mentioned as commanding the
> stead, right?

Actually, you do. See KoS.50.

> I make Vinga a special subcult
> available only to women, and make them unable to access some of the
> intensely male aspects of Orlanth's persona, such as Thunderous

That's basically what I do, too.

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