Ralios, Slaves

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Date: Tue 06 May 1997 - 01:38:56 EEST

Jose Ramos:

<< Personally I limit most technical inventions to the dwarfs,
 using sorcery to compensate in the West>>

      Oh, I agree about the dwarves, I was only discussing what could be made
consistent with the setting, not necesserily what happens IMG. Sorry if I
didn't make that clear. Personally, I'm not keen on sorcery being used for
mass production / replacing technology either.
 <<And BTW, IMG West Ralios is the most technically advanced human region
 of Seshnelan, dwarven and Manirian influences), with strong trade
 disseminating information, and a strong internal competition forcing
 progress. >>

       I was talking about north Ralios, which was the area under discussion.
I agree that Safelster is probably quite advanced.

Chris Bell asks:
<<Do the Orlanthi... practice slavery in any form?>>

      Most Gloranthan cultures do, and according to KoS (p244) the Orlanthi
are no exception. They call their slaves 'thralls', and the Dragon Pass
Orlanthi in particular tend to dislike the idea, because they have to be
better than those 'nasty slave-owning Lunars' don't they? IMG the Torkani
claim to be morally superior to the other Sartarite tribes because they don't
enslave their fellow humans. In reality, this is only because they don't need
to, and the trollkin that they buy from nearby Dagori Inkarth are probably
less than impressed!

All Hail the Reaching Moon


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