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                      Compasses 6/5/97
I'm not sure whether it would require two compasses or three to work out one's location precisely, but I am intrigued by the effect that this would have on Gloranthan navigation (post Dormal).

On earth, navigation was bedevilled for centuries by the problem of determining longitude. Working out latitude was easy from the stars but the problem of determining longitude puzzled and exasperated the greatest minds of the time. In the end, two solutions emerged more or less simultaneously: the chronometer, and the sophisticated use of star shots and complex mathematics. Until that happened, sea travel was dreadfully uncertain.

In Glorantha of course, sea captains can simply use two (or three) compasses to locate their position, so sea travel should be much more reliable than it was in our ancient history. Long sea voyages out of the sight of land would be possible with a reasonable degree of safety, although perhaps not common.

Now all that's needed are reliable maps of the lozenge...

Bill McKinley


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