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>(1) Does any one have any info as to a complete list of Lunar Cults in
>the Lunar Empire? I am especially interested in Lunar Hero Cults,
>various aspects of the 7 mothers and who they were when they were
>mortal, various incarnations of the Red Goddess on Earth/Glorantha
>(Hon-Eel the Artess, Jar-Eel the Razoress, especially her struggles and
>romances with Argrath! etc...)

        Well, a good place to start for a look at the bewildering array of
religions that are known to modern Pelorians (most of whom are not Lunars),
you could start with my Pelorian Prosopaedia
Loren's web page also has descriptions of several Lunar cults. I would wait
for Tales 16 and Nicks promised article after that for the current word on
the specifically Lunar religions, of which there are also quite a
substantial array.

>I think it would be inconsistent that Slavery of
>any form would be practiced in Orlanthi culture, as Orlanth is one of
>the penultimate Gods of Freedom and Justice.

        Some people will believe anything!
        Actually, the Sartarites of Dragon Pass are opposed to slavery, but
will capture prisoners and use them as thralls. This isn't the same thing
as slavery, of course, being as Orlanth is a god of freedom and all that,
but it might look quite a bit like it to an outsider....
        Personally, I believe that the Orlanthi of Dragon Pass have no
objection to capturing people and making them work for you, but find that
Lunar slavery is much worse morally than their own. I imagine they would
say something like Lunars treat slaves as mere things, but they treat
thralls as people, and they have a place within Heorts laws just like
everyone. Of couse, Lunars may freely mock this obvious barbarian
hypocracy. As Nick points out, though, slavery is regarded with greater
disdain in heortland.

>(3) Anyone care to take a stab at what the actual game stats may be for
>persons such as Jar-Eel, Argrath or Kallyr, or other Dragon Pass
>notables, in RQ3 terms?

        Full and complete statistics for several notables can be found in
Wyrms Footprints.... oh, you wanted RQ3 stats!
        Basically, I would say that the rules do not really allow us to do

justice to such people as Jar-Eel, except by making up many arbitrary
special abilities that don't really reflect how they really interact. But
if you really want stats for them, imagine they have access to absurdly
large amounts of divine magic, absurdly large supporting spirits, very high
weapon skills (at least 200% or so, some would say much more), and loyal
bands of supporters of very high ability (at least Coder level or higher).
Improvise from there. I have no interest in creating stats for them until
we have some sort of heroquesting rules (ie possibly never), which is the
only way to really write them up as they should be.

>What might the sources of Argrath's special
>magic be?

        Well, for a start Argrath might actually be more than one person.
There is Argrath White Bull, Argrath the King, Argrath Dragonspear, Argrath
of Pavis - some of whom are obviously not the same people.
        But assuming that Argrath Dragonspear aka Garrath Sharpsword is the
same person who becomes Argrath the High King... his main source of special
magics (besides a great mastery of traditional Orlanthi magic) appears to
be access to draconic secrets from somewhere, probably from old EWF
sources. He also has a special relationship with the elder giants, which
seems to come from a combination of heroquesting, gratitude for saving the
cradle, and personal friendship (he shares a bottle of wine with Gonn
Orta). He also knows a few Praxian secrets.

>(4) Finally, what's the full story on Sheng Seleris? What God or Gods
>did her worship? Were his powers Shamanic in nature, gotten from pacts
>with various Great Spirits, did he serve Dara Happan Nomad deities,

        He was certainly a great shaman, and probably had relations with
several Great Spirits. He was probably also a great religious leader of the
pentan religion (Sun tribe I think), also a master of Kralorelan mysticism,
and much more besides. Like most people of his stature, he has all sorts of
        It has been suggested that Sheng did the neat trick of encouraging
people to worship his fetch/himself, and through this and heroquesting was
of nearly godlike stature himself.




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