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Date: Tue 06 May 1997 - 15:04:42 EEST

On Glorantha and it's manifestations/Glorantha Muds & Mushes

Pete N Says -
> I hope to live to see Glorantha the CD-ROM game (along with a CD-ROM
> encyclopedia) and later Glorantha VR. I'm surprised there isn't a Gloranthan
> MUD.

I'm am a Wizard on two World of Darkness Mushes. For those of you not
familiar with MUDS, MUCKS, MUSHes, MUX's, and MOO's, these are
text-based, virtual interactive worlds that can be reached via the use
of any Telnet client. They range from very mechanistic Dungeon Crawls
(most Muds) to highly role-play intensive Role Play environments, based
either as social experiments (Deep Seas Moo) or as reproductions of a
certain genre of SF, Fantasy or Horror (Amber Mud, Elendor [JRR
Tolkien], Strange New Worlds Mush [Star Trek])

What do these Acronyms mean? Here's a few...
MUD = Multi-User Dungeon
MOO = Multiple Object Oriented world
MUSH = Multi-User Shared Hallucination
MUX = Multi-User eXperimental Reality

Most of these are created with a base source program which uses a
simplified programming language similar to C, which allows user to build
their own locations, simulate dice rolling, have code objects perform
specific tasks and emit text, or act as micro-programs within the MU*.

It seems like every fantasy genre has been covered by a Mush or Mux,
except Glorantha! For those who are familiar with Mu* style roleplay,
please e-mail me. I want to take a poll from Gloranthaphiles, via this
list, to see who'd be willing to assist me in the creation of a
Glorantha-based Mux or Mush. Mux's and Mush'es are more role-play
oriented that Muds are, and would be perfect to create an online version
of Pavis or Dragon Pass. Those who are interested in discussing this
with me, please Glorantha deserves to take
it's place in the MU* community. We already have too many damn Vampire
MU*'s, let's get a Glorantha one!

For more info on Mu*'s, go to
This is the Index of the MUD resource collection, full of text files and
other stuff to tell you all about MU*'s.

Chris B


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