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Date: Tue 06 May 1997 - 14:39:54 EEST

Peter Metcalf -

>Yes, albeit there are no Orlanthi in North Pent. The redlanders
>do worship the West King Wind which outsiders think is Orlanth
>but they are as correct as the Hellenistic Greeks who thought that
>the Jews worshipped Zeus.

Hm, I thought that a Large Minority of Pent Horse Nomads worshipped
Orlanth (RQ3 Deluxe, Glorantha Book). Hm, have I been Gregged? :) Refer

to my musings in my last post of replies... Perhaps Orlanth has been
encouraging his people to abandon slavery, as this is a Yelmic and Lunar
practice that goes against his principles. Gods may be perfect, but men
and women aren't. ;)

>As for slavery being inconsistent with Orlanth's freedom, look
>at the Athenians or Antebellum American South.

My sentiments exactly. While Orlanth may not approve, being a God he's
an archetype of principles and ideals, which in chaos-besmirched Time
will not necessarily be lived up to.

David Cake, on Heroes in Glorantha -

Sheng Seleris - Goes to show you that you don't need special magic,
Illumination or Dragon powers to be an ass-kicker. I read in the
Archives an excellent story by Martin Laurie, "The Story of Sheng
Seleris", pts 1, 2 and 3 (in Vol 3 of the Glorantha Digest archives),
and it was great.) I'm still interested in learning more about this
fascinating figure. Has Sheng become a God or Hero Spirit, with a Cult?

>(3) Anyone care to take a stab at what the actual game stats may be for
>persons such as Jar-Eel, Argrath or Kallyr, or other Dragon Pass
>notables, in RQ3 terms?

> Full and complete statistics for several notables can be found >in Wyrms Footprints.... oh, you wanted RQ3 stats!
> Basically, I would say that the rules do not really allow us to >do justice to such people as Jar-Eel, except by making up many >arbitrary
>special abilities that don't really reflect how they really interact. >But if you really want stats for them, imagine they have access to >absurdly large amounts of divine magic, absurdly large supporting >spirits, very high weapon skills (at least 200% or so, some would say >much more), and loyal bands of supporters of very high ability (at >least Coder level or higher). Improvise from there. I have no interest >in creating stats for them until we have some sort of heroquesting >rules (ie possibly never), which is the only way to really write them >up as they should be.

I agree with you there. I was going to perhaps have my PC's meet
Argrath early on in his quest, as a cameo, and perhaps march in his
army. One thought is to use Champions for an Glorantha Heroquest game!
It could definitely support the power levels.

As for Sheng, he would be definitely someone the PC's would NOT want to
meet, being Glorantha's version of Genghis Khan. Good thing, too, since
he roams Glorantha centuries before 1621 ST.

For Argrath, he's a tricky one, as Garrath Sharpsword is mentioned in
The Pavis box set and River of Cradles as a local Orlanthi Swordmaster
and Initiate (and presumably, later, Wind Lord). The question here
lies... If Garrath can achieve these kinds of powers, why can't PC's? I

suppose that issue has been tossed around this list in one form or
another for years. Supposedly, according to RQ2, "Gaining a Rune" was
prepatory to being able to Heroquest. In several RQ sources, Rune Lords
are mentioned as preparing and carrying out basic heroquests. I plan on
finding a set of net Heroquest rules that I like, and using them for mid
to higher level adventurers. I do agree with the notion that

Heroquesting, on all levels, is a basic and integral part of Glorantha.

As for Argrath being more than one person, that keep in the theme of
Orlanth being surrounded by a group of companions, who in non-sartarite
Orlanth are sometimes reflected as being different aspects of Orlanth,
instead of the actual Lightbringer deities. Perhaps as 400 years before
them, when the 7 mothers Heroquested to re-construct the Red Goddess, a
group of Heroes and Adventurers Heroquested to create a Hero who could
match the secrets of Lunar Sorcery and Illumination with equally Arcane
Dragon Secrets, a hero in the ideal Orlanthi vein who would save Sartar
and be the Right King for the Land.

Aloha! Comment away.


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