More compasses + Stinking Forest

From: Thomas Gottschall (
Date: Tue 06 May 1997 - 19:50:30 EEST

Hi everyone,

I reffer to the lately sent remarks on compasses.
Trotsky wrote that two compasses weren't enough to determine the
position of someone because there were infinite lines that meet at the
same angle. I asked my father about this thing since he studied this
(not compasses!). OK, here is what he said. The angle of the lines are
useless, since there are infinite lines that meet at the same angle but
to decide where you are you need the directions which two (and no one
more) compasses show. It is explained in an example best. Do the
following :
Take a piece of paper and mark to points A and B. This are the points
your two compasses are pointing at. Choose a point X. This is the point

where you stand. Now decide to what directions both compasses point.
Draw a line through point A with the direction your compass showed you,
do the same with B. The meeting point is X of course.
This is how you can say where you are if you have a map. Without a map

you can't do it.

Stinking Forest:
Does anybody know something about the elves there and their relationship
towards a) the Tuskriders, b) the Lunar Empire and c) Sartar ? Are they

like normal elves or are they somehow special ?

Where is the Axefield mentioned in KoS on page 126 ?



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