Pantheon Worship

From: Hasni Mubarak (
Date: Tue 06 May 1997 - 23:29:15 EEST

Ok, we kinda got the whole "Orlanthi Pantheon Worship" thing out of our
system. It seemed that the general concensus was, "It kind of makes
sense to worship the Pantheon as a whole, but you need to have a 'main'
deity. The rest are just associates, and somehow or another, they get
strength from you being associated to them."

However, the "Yanafal Tarnils is BOTH an independent cult and a subcult
of the 7-mommies" solution is just bonkers. (IMHO) In my game, for
better or for worse, I'm just going to play that "At one point, each of

the seven mommies were a subcult of "the Seven Mothers", but as they
grow in strength they will be worshiped less togethor, and more as
independent cults."

So, yes, YT USED to be a subcult, but it has grown to strong and
powerful to be treated that way. All the seven moms (And the Red
Goddess, etc.) are assoc. cults, but it would cheapen the cult to call
it a sub-cult. (Though really, the distinctions are quite hazy...)

However, perhaps in parts of the empire where it's not powerful, (Say,
there isn't a couple of regiments stationed there) you're going ot find
it as a shrine in the 7moms temple. Perhaps even in the same city you
can find "different looking" versions of it-but it's the variety that I
like in Glorantha.


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