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Chris Bell wrote

> I thought that a Large Minority of Pent Horse Nomads worshipped
> Orlanth (RQ3 Deluxe, Glorantha Book). Hm, have I been Gregged?

Suckered, rather. The rules don't go into much detail, such as the fact
that there's local variation. The Glorantha box goes into more detail.
Orlanth is known as West King Wind -- or more properly, West King Wind is
identified as Orlanth. I believe this is as accurate as Herodotus saying
that the Scythians worshipped Mars. And even if they do worship the same

god, I don't think it makes them Orlanthi, any more than the Franks were
Roman because they worshipped the same god as the Pope.

> If Garrath can achieve these kinds of powers, why can't PC's?

Argrath (aka Garrath) is arguably the most important hero of his Age. He
(may) come from a lineage of heroes. It would be difficult if not
impossible for anyone to match him.

But while it might be difficult to be Argrath's equal, it's certainly
possible to be in his league. I see no reason why players couldn't become
heroes. If I were running a heroic campaign, I'd keep Argrath at the
pinnacle (and Harrek as the most powerful combat hero), but that wouldn't
prevent players from becoming mighty indeed. I just happen to find it
easier to run a lower-level campaign.

> we must assume that the almighty Greg
> writes from the point of view of whatever scribe transcribes the
> histories

Very true. (Though Greg told me the Report on the Orlanthi in King of
Sartar is not written with any particular viewpoint -- it was based on some
game handouts.)

And you asked about Vinga. In my game, Vinga is an Orlanth subcult. Joining
would be comparable to joining any other Orlanth Adventerous subcult. Since
those all have somewhat different requirements, I think if there were ever
any question, the female candidate would make the standard rolls to become
an Orlanth initiate, but would be joining the subcult.

Philip Hibbs wrote

> >children of Orlanthi slaves are adopted into the clan with
> >full rights.
> I like this idea, I don't know if it's in any way official,

It's from King of Sartar.

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