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Chris Bell:

Me>>Yes, albeit there are no Orlanthi in North Pent. The redlanders
>>do worship the West King Wind which outsiders think is Orlanth
>>but they are as correct as the Hellenistic Greeks who thought that
>>the Jews worshipped Zeus.

>Hm, I thought that a Large Minority of Pent Horse Nomads worshipped
>Orlanth (RQ3 Deluxe, Glorantha Book).

Likewise that book claims that the Pentan nomads also worship Yelm.
This too is known to be false as they apparently worship the Sun by
the name of Kargzant. This is not merely a question of the Pentans
worshipping Orlanth by another name - many of the Orlanthi practices
and doctrines are totally foreign to Storm Pentans. They are more
familiar with Yelmic concepts only because of close contact with the
Pelorians for many centuries.

>Perhaps Orlanth has been
>encouraging his people to abandon slavery, as this is a Yelmic and Lunar
>practice that goes against his principles. Gods may be perfect, but men
>and women aren't. ;)

Slavery is an Orlanthi practice. Orlanthi have practiced slavery
since the dawn of time and their ancestors (the Ram People, the
Andam Horde) have done also likewise. If Orlanth detests slavery,
he has been strangely silent to his Wind Voices.

>A general debate question - I've always been curious as to what Myths
>exist about the Red Goddess before her shattering in the GodTime...

So are a lot of Lunars. In their researches, they have found
evidence of a Moon religion in Peloria that found its zenith
in the City of Mernita which bordered the White Sea. The current
wisdom blames the destruction of the Moon on the Emperor Lukarius
whose command of the Law was so great that at his command, the
Moon fell from the Sky and crushed the Wicked of Mernita. The
remant is now the Blue Moon Plateau.

Others disagree as to the destruction of Mernita. The People
of Alkoth claim that it was their god, Shargash, who cast the
Moon down from the Sky. This is only given credence by serious
scholars, when through personal misfortune, they happen to be
in the same room as a citizen of Alkoth. The Denesiod Dynasty,
before it was crushed by the EWF, claimed that Lukarius actually
shot down the Moon with his Bow. They of course had this Bow
and displayed it proudly in their ceremonies.

>It seems to me that the vital difference between Sartarite slaves and
>the workers of the great farms of Peloria is that slavery was not a
>concept tied to ethncity and "blood"

The Pelorians do not enslave people on the basis of their ethnic
status. Pretty much any ethnic group that can be found among
the slaves can also be found among the rulers of the Lunar Empire.

>This is my thought, and from my supposition that (a) The Gods are
>independent, aware, and powerful beings who exist independently of their

If they are aware, then much of what they think is not understandable
to their worshippers. By seeking to understand these thoughts in
human terms, many people truncate the god's attributes and project
human motivations onto the god. However the precise nature of this
image varies from culture to culture and even from time to time and
so the Gods *appear* to change over time. This is most apparent with
gods in literate cultures but is known to occur with gods whose people
do not know writing.

>that the Gods are not static, but act and interact
>in the world through their only means of exercising free will... Through
>their worshippers.

The Sun shines and the Wind blows. Are these not actions of the
gods? A lightning bolt strikes a tree during a thunderstorm. Was
it Orlanth who threw the bolt? If he did, is he violating the
Great Compromise?

>What was the nature of the Dragon Magic which was practiced in that
>period, that it would make the people turn away from the Old Gods,
>like the Lightbringers? Did in making his Draconic Pacts Argrath
>learn or partake of this magic?

The Draconic way did not make people turn from the Old Gods. If
the Old Gods were the Right Hand, then the EWF purported to reveal
to the Orlanthi the existance of the Left Hand and showed them that
both hands could and should be practiced at the same time. Argrath
rediscovered this but nobody knows how he did it.

>What is the effecacy of the Draconic Revelations compared to the
>Illumination of Nysalor (from which the Lunar Empire derives much
>of its strength)?

The EWF when it ruled over Peloria was effective in suppressing
several Nysaloran Cults (such as the Teruvians and the Margins).
However Karvanyar who slew the Dragon Sun and threw the EWF out
of Dara Happa, claimed inspiration from Illumination, as did
several other cults. So it would like asking how effective
sorcery is compared to divine magic.

>What relations philosophically did the Empire of the Wyrm's
>Friends have to Kralorea and Godunya's Empire? Or Politically,
>for that matter?

When the EWF existed, Kralorela was ruled by the False Dragons
Ring who were God Learners that had gone native. In addition,
there was a vast desert between the two and so I doubt that there
was any strong political ties. Traders did make their way across
the Wastes but they had very little impact. As on philosophical
grounds, I think they were very different.

Thomas Gottschall:

>Does anybody know something about the elves there and their relationship
>towards a) the Tuskriders, b) the Lunar Empire and c) Sartar ? Are they
>like normal elves or are they somehow special ?

They are normal elves. The Tusk Riders are respectful of them but the
Elves treat all three as normal humans.

>Where is the Axefield mentioned in KoS on page 126 ?

In Tarsh?

Joerg Baumgartner:

>From the Good Old RQ2 rules (not that I ever used them in play)
>Battle Magic was learned like this, from cults and guilds.

Battle magic was never learned from the guilds. Supposedly one
could acquire a POWx5 L credit in recieving spells from the cults
but later supplements never took much notice of this rule.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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