Re: Gloranthan & World Lore

From: Lewis Jardine (
Date: Wed 07 May 1997 - 18:22:22 EEST

> What is the difference between Glorantha Lore and World Lore?
> Glorantha Lore (for those not in the know) was introduced in GODS OF GLORANTHA
> and given a base percentage of the character's age. It was never actually
> defined however, just mentioned in the index and in a Heroes article. I find
> it useful as a means of measuring how much the characters know about the
> mystical significance of the world and the things they meet. But is this how it
> is suppossed to be used? And why was it introduced in the first place?
> - --
> Michael Cule

I assume that you play World Lore is weather and other natural stuff.
Well Mike I agree with you here, but with a little twist.
What do you think the GLs had as their primary skill?
Is the skill Glorantha Lore or Godlearner Lore?



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