dragonewt NPC

From: GBailey@aol.com
Date: Thu 08 May 1997 - 00:15:39 EEST

I plan on having a noble dragonewt join the PCs
at their army post as a cook (he wants to be a gourmet).
I want some suggestions on how to have him act.

I know that I can do pretty much anything but would
like to hear some ideas.
His conversations will have short sentences and will
get better over time. Any voice suggestions (that won't
destroy mine)? Change sentence structure?
Any peculiar mannerisms? (I'm not going to wave arms
or sniff air.. this isn't quite live RPGing).

His cooking at first will be a little, umm.. different.
Soup of algae rock. Mutton, lettuce, and bark.
[make a CON roll or: 1) throw up, 2) be sick for days,
3) get a 10 bonus (good for PC) to all rolls for the next day].
But after he torches the dinner table when someone
complains will stop most complaints after that :).

I wonder if the dwarf would get offended at some
fattening up remark?

Any good mini's for noble dragonewts (I already have scout and
warrior RQ dragonewt figures)?

The dragonewt (oh a name.. hmm.. so far I've thought of using Latin)
will be useful for a few plot elements (smelling a traitor, marking
the PCs so they can pass safely through dragonewt territory).



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