Two compasses are enough!

From: Thomas Gottschall (
Date: Wed 07 May 1997 - 23:31:32 EEST

Hi everyone,

though I though my last posting was sufficient to enlighten all it
somehow failed, my fault. I will try again.

Simon D.Hibbs critized that I take the point X. Well, it was only an

Please, all who believe two compasses are not enough do this :

1.Take a map of Glorantha (or a piece of paper) and mark two point A and
B on it.
2.Now determine what direction compass A and B point to.
3.Draw a line through point A with the same direction as the compass
4.Do the same with compass B.
5.Your lines meet in one point, this is the point where the two
compasses show your before determined directions.

For those who know something about vectors :
The two directions of the compasses can be seen as two different

vectors. With the point A and B you can make both lines. In a plane two
different lines difine one exact point !
You can only measure the angle between the compasses ? NO! What you
absolutely don't need is the angle, you need the directions. And they
are absolute, since they are the same in the same place. Even if you
turn 180 they stay the same (Please do the little exercise above!)
Again, this works only if you have a map.
I hope I have not to post that often as I had to say that Telmori are no
chaotics !



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