Re: Glorantha Digest V4#375 Yelmalio Geas

Date: Thu 08 May 1997 - 05:49:32 EEST

Nick wrote:

  Follow-on question: if a Light Son orders his hundred troops to help an
  Orlanthi village, and one of them has this geas, how does he reconcile the
  military need to obey orders with the divine prohibition? Would you expect
  him to go immediately to the commander and say why he can't help? And what
  would the commander's reaction most likely be? (Especially if in a
  stressful situatuon)? I don't think a Templar would "quietly disobey" (do
  nothing, in defiance of orders), but I'd be interested to hear how other
  GMs and players would resolve this situation. Is "Sorry, Sir, but I can't
  do that: I have a geas!" something you'd often hear from the ranks of the
  Sun Dome Templars?

Follow-on question: what should this Light Sun do if he and his troops
were hired as mercenaries (which is, if I remember correctly, not unusal
for Yelmalios) by the Orlanthi's?
                       Greetings Fabian


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