Sheng Seleris

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Date: Thu 08 May 1997 - 07:34:36 EEST

Nick Brooke Responding to Chris Bell

I once suggested that all of the outsiders who conquered Dara Happa would
proclaim their own truth about the Godswall. Thus, the Carmanians would
have interpreted it in their standard dualistic terms.

I always envisioned Sheng Seleris naming each of the figurs as one of the
100 Demons of the Underworld he could command. Hewga the Hot (KoS 36),
for example, would be the name he would give to Enverinus (Gods Wall
II-17). Some have poo-poo'ed on this idea (can't recall who, sorry), but
I still thought it fit with what I knew of Sheng Seleris. Since he has
changed since then (he apparently ruled Kralorela for a good length of
time), this may no longer be appropriate.

Stephen Martin
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