Rhinos and Ostriches

From: Stephen P Martin (ilium@juno.com)
Date: Thu 08 May 1997 - 06:16:12 EEST

Mark Mohrfield

This worthy asks for statistics for rhinos and ostriches. Unless
permission is not given, these will be appearing in The Book of Drastic
Resolutions, Volume Prax, to be released at Gloranthacon in British
Columbia. Along with a lot of stats for other Praxian creatures. Most of
them new.

Other contents (again, subject to official approval of the product)

Praxian Plunder (some reprinted, most new)
The Cult of Basmol (based on a Chaosium write-up)
The Cult of Oakfed
The Cult of Yelorna (based on the RQ2 write-up)
Cult Distributions for Praxian tribes
Errata and New Units for Nomad Gods/Les Dieux Nomades
Sacred Places of Prax
Seasons of Prax and the Wastelands
Seven pages of Praxian myths

And more.

Stephen Martin
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The Book of Drastic Resolutions


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