Seven Mommies

From: Hasni Mubarak (
Date: Thu 08 May 1997 - 06:42:48 EEST

> From: "Carlson, Pam" <>

> Does that fit in your Glorantha?

Yes, it does. I like that description alot and hope I can remember it
if I'm confronted by PC's. (Joe, Thad, write that down and don't ask me
about it...)

One question though: The Seven Mothers is a cheap attempt to undermine
the Lightbringers and bring Orlanthi/Barbarians into the evil clutches
of the Lunar Empire. Is it working, or do those brain addled Barbarians
blabber on endlessly using loaded words like "cheap", "evil", "chaotic",
"dishonerable", and "untraditional"?

I can understand WHY the Lunars would think it would work, and HOW they
think it would work, but I also see the Orlanthi scoffing at it,
laughing, and more or less acting like drunk Vikings at a Revival Tent.
(i.e. "Where's da women, where's da booze?")

So, how affective is the cult of the Seven Mothers at converting the
Orlanthi? Say, in the Holy Country or Dragon Pass.


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