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Lewis Jardine:
> What do you think the GLs had as their primary skill?


> I assume that the compass debate has decided that Gold is drawn
> towards Yelm.

        When blessed throughthe proper rituals, okay.

> Another type of compass which is often known by a different name
> is the Plumb Line which is drawn towards the darkness of the Underworld.
> I have a question for my fellow scholars arround the Lozenge and that
> is do Lead Compasses/Plumb Lines point down towards a central point in
> the Underworld (in a manner similar to Aluminium & Gold compasses) or
> do they point towards the nearest part of the underworld?

        Why point at the Underworld at all? Why not point at the nearest
concentration of Darkness? After all, Yelm is down there half of the time...
This sort of compass would be of no value anywhere near Dagori Inkath,
where pools of elemental Darkness lie across the landscape, some of them
covering whole valleys. No wonder humans don't try to root out the Uz.

Lewis also makes comments on the needs of builders. I suggest that masons
use a real plumb line; a weight on a string. Then a propituary prayer
to keep the winds from blowing and swinging it.

Glen Bailey:
> His conversations will have short sentences and will get better over time.

        Perhaps you could try dropping occasional words from the sentances.
Try: "Perhaps you try dropping occasional words from sentances". hmmm?

        As to names (warning! pun alert!);
That which Tastes Buds
Learn New Tongues
Master Feeds Omnivores

Non-RQ in Glorantha:
        Somebody mentioned using Champions in Glorantha. This would be
a good system in so far as the game remains playable through vastly
differing power levels. I have never done this, but I agree in theory.
Any superhero game will have to be consrtucted to handle varying power
levels. Marvel Superheroes and the DC Game both reflected their comic
universes; Batman/Green Arrow at the low end, Flash and Captian Atom in
the middle, and Superman/Wonder Woman at the top end. (That's Daredevil,
Spiderman and Thor, for Marvel fans.)
        The problem would be mainting a Gloranthan flavor, IMO.


"The Muse struck me the other day, I am still recovering."


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