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From: Trent Di Renna (
Date: Thu 08 May 1997 - 23:58:04 EEST

1. Can a God manifest physically in the Material World? According to the
Great Compromise, they can't, except as abstract phenomena, but in River
of Cradles, Waha is mentioned as walking around as a physical being.

Also, there's the Red Goddess and Nysalor, who obviously walked around
physically. The only other example I can think of is YT fighting Humakt,
which might have been a HeroQuest, but then again, maybe not.

2. Similarly, some gods have been described as being powerful spirits,
rather than actual "gods". Spirit cults come to mind, but there are also
beings such as ancestor spirits, who aren't gods, but provide many more
powers than a spirit. What would you say the dividing line between a
"spirit" (reachable by a shaman) and a "god" (reachable only by worship or
HeroQuesting) is?

3. Some HeroQuests are described as being on the Material plane. Does
this mean that the events, situations, and enemies of the Quest just
appear out of thin air, or does the Quester have to set this up himself
(like in a High Holy Day ritual)? Could somebody not "in" the Quest
interfere with it?

4. Does a Quest have to be based in a myth, or can it be wholly original?
(like if you go questing on the HeroPlane, which still seems to be
somewhat within Mundame Space and Time)

Thanks for any answers.

Trent Di Renna


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