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Date: Fri 09 May 1997 - 00:22:00 EEST

DH salves -

Another attitude difference between Sartar & the LE/DH as to how they
regard slavery can be found in their attitude toward life in general.
Sartarites look to the free winds, pride, and boasting of individual
accomplishments. Dara Happans, OTOH, never consider doing anything in
groups of less than 20. Their magic and daily lives are very community
based. No matter what social class they belong to, they view themselves
as a part or servant of a greater whole. "Everyone is a slave to
someone" could well be a old saying of theirs. Therefore, the legal
state of being a slave to another human isn't such a social stigma.

>One question though: The Seven Mothers is a cheap attempt to undermine
the Lightbringers and bring Orlanthi/Barbarians into the evil clutches
of the Lunar Empire. Is it working, or do those brain addled Barbarians
blabber on endlessly using loaded words like "cheap", "evil", "chaotic",
"dishonerable", and "untraditional"?

Er... apparently they do!;-)

>So, how affective is the cult of the Seven Mothers at converting the

Well, the Lunars don't start with the beer swilling thugs. They start
with the leaders and their wives. They offer relief from the years of
infighting and nasty politics the Orlanthi are so famous for. The
Lunars practice devisional politics, and using one group of Orlanthi
against another. Once the beer swilling thugs have all killed each
other off, they hold a the carrot of peace, trade & prosperity over the

(Even the foulest demons of Shepelkrit are better than those damned
Orleving! *spit*)



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