From: Ed Tonry (
Date: Fri 09 May 1997 - 06:44:36 EEST

Loren Miller said:
>You would need another datum, such as the direction of
>true north, in order to triangulate from a single measurement.


Um, no. Glorantha is flat, and so does not have a true north the way
the spheroid RW does. On Earth, North is north of everywhere, just a
spot at the top of the globe. But look at a Mercator projection map -
where's north? When you are dealing with a flat world, two compasses do
work just fine, unless they both point along the same line. For all
other cases, the intersection of the lines is where you are. If you
have a map or a good enough knowledge of Gloranthan geography, you will
know where that is. Perhaps not exactly, but close enough for a
low-technology world.

Ed Tonry


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