One compass solution

From: Hugh McVicker (
Date: Fri 09 May 1997 - 13:53:59 EEST

Hugh's one compass solution.

 Wow, who'd have thought this would carry on so long.
Here is the one compas solution IMG which is set around Pavis. To get
your three points you have the Pavis compass (Yah), the red moon (most
of the time) and sunrise. This mean that you don't get good readings
when there's a lot of cloud cover or when the moon is dark but you arn't
travelling that far in a day so a bit of error is not as important as
with RW modern travel. Checking your position once every day or two is
usually enough for people walking or riding. When you get close to
where you want to be your local guide should recognise the landmarks
        Only a madman would sail out of sight of land anyway! :)

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