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Date: Fri 09 May 1997 - 05:09:52 EEST

Sandy Petersen <>
>Subject: Re: random cts

Welcome back, Sandy.

Cts? Oh, wait, "comments"?

> This is NOT false. Yelm is the Sun. So is Kargzant. How does the use of a
>different name & cult structure make the Pentans not worship Yelm?


> You are exactly wrong here, the Pentans DO worship Orlanth by another
>name. Just as they worship Yelm by another name.

This is so directly against what Greg seems to have been saying that
I'm . . . very gratified, since I've always thought this was the case.

Note "seems to", since Greg is also quite consciously being obscure.

>The (cultural) Orlanthi
>practices & doctrines have nothing to do with the god, only with the way he
>is perceived.

This sounds a bit extreme. If the worshippers are *completely* free
to ignore the deity's preferences and attributes, then the deity can't
be said to exist except as a construct of the worshippers, which
does not seem to be what you mean.

I'd prefer that at least SOME influence be exerted by the god. For
instance, it should not be possible to worship Yelm as "Lord of
the waters", or even "rebel against tyranny". Some resemblance
between the "real" (if incomprehensible) being and his/her portrayal

should remain.

It's an interesting question, now that it has ocurred to me. Does
anyone worship the Sun as a rebel or trickster on the lozenge? I
can't think of anyone, which would rather support my point.
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