Travel Plans from Gloranthaland

From: Rob Heinsoo (
Date: Fri 09 May 1997 - 00:56:03 EEST

Hi all,

This is the address I'll be using for official Chaosium communiques and
Glorantha work. I like the system more than AoL.

For fun, I'll be chiming in occasionally on the Digest from my old address. I doubt I'll be making time for discussions,
I'll more or less be commenting at random whenever I can read the Digest
and have something to say as a private citizen and Glorantha lover. We'll
see if my position allows me that space.

Today's more official news is that I'm going to be attending the German RQ
Convention at Bacharach on the Rhine, thanks to the generosity of the con's
organizers and Stratelibri. After the convention I'll be visiting
Stratelibri in Milan.

I haven't needed a passport since I was a wee child. But when I was a wee
child, I visited Bacharach. I'm going to be curious to see if I recognize
the place.

- --Rob Heinsoo
Glorantha editor, Chaosium Land


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