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From: Delecti@aol.com
Date: Fri 09 May 1997 - 09:09:45 EEST

Trotsky writes:
<< Pete N mentions gamers using systems other than RQ to run Glorantha. I
 thought I'd just add that I'm one of them, using my own system which is a
 mixture of GURPS and Pendragon, with a few ideas of my own chucked in. Has
 anyone else tried any other systems and found them particularly good/bad? >>

I use RQ 3.5 which is what I call the hodge podge of rules from RQ 3 and 4
and Sandy's Sorcery and new shaman rules. Also I have looked seriously at the
Elric! RPG rules, since they are Chaosium's BRPS and run very smoothly. The
magic rules are also very well done.

Andrew Joelson writes:
<<Marvel Superheroes and the DC Game both reflected their comic universes;
 Batman/Green Arrow at the low end, Flash and Captian Atom in the middle, and
Superman/Wonder Woman at the top end. (That's Daredevil, Spiderman and Thor,
for Marvel fans.)>>

I disagree about the Marvel line-up. It should be Daredevil, Thor, then
Spiderman, as Spiderman actually seems to have an unlimited amount of DI
which enables him to avoid anything which would kill him later. It is only
when he is to be taken prisoner or left to recover that he can be hit!

Scott Knowles
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