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Date: Fri 09 May 1997 - 09:39:48 EEST

To All:

Once again, Trent makes us all explain what we have come to take for
granted. And, in the process, we all learn something new.

>1. Can a God manifest physically in the Material World? According to
>Great Compromise, they can't, except as abstract phenomena, but in River
>of Cradles, Waha is mentioned as walking around as a physical being.

Although no sane outlander would deny that Waha has walked in Prax in the
past, and will do so again, I am of the opinion that most of the
historical appearances of Waha have actually been Khans imbued with his
power. In other words, he has been Incarnated among the greatest khans of
the era.

>Also, there's the Red Goddess and Nysalor, who obviously walked around
>physically. The only other example I can think of is YT fighting
>which might have been a HeroQuest, but then again, maybe not.

Since they were either born, created, re-born, or re-created within Time,
the Compromise didn't quite apply to them. Of course, it got Nysalor in
the end, and might get the Red Goddess, too, so don't count on it. Also,
the Dara Happans don't believe in the Compromise, so why should it be
binding on the two deities they have been so instrumental in bringing
into the world?

3. Some HeroQuests are described as being on the Material plane. Does
this mean that the events, situations, and enemies of the Quest just
appear out of thin air, or does the Quester have to set this up himself
(like in a High Holy Day ritual)? Could somebody not "in" the Quest
interfere with it?

These so-called Practice Runs are not set up. Rather, as hinted at in
Elder Secrets (the Elf Defense cameo), the magical nature of Glorantha
and of shared myths will bring your foes to you. For example, in Waha's
Quest, published way back in Different Worlds 4, Greg stated that the
quest had to take place in a location which allowed for the presence of
the proper foes. As long as there was a _chance_ the right foes would
show up, the magic would make sure they did.

Usually, such foes are themselves HeroQuestors, who are hoping that the
proper foes (i.e., the Waha questor in this case) will be drawn to them.
For every myth of victory a deity in Glorantha has, someone has a myth
told from the point of view of the "defeated" foe (who may not recognize
that what happened was a defeat).

4. Does a Quest have to be based in a myth, or can it be wholly
(like if you go questing on the HeroPlane, which still seems to be
somewhat within Mundame Space and Time)

Therein lies the path to God Learnerism.

Stephen Martin
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