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To All:

Since Paul asked for my Yinkin story, I went ahead and read it. I was
surprised -- it's not half as bad as I recalled. In fact, I think it's
pretty good. So, I'm gonna share it. Sorry for the formatting -- my mouse
froze up, and since I'm going to bed when I'm done (and after Springsteen
finishes this song), I don't want to restart everything.


     In the Gods War, Orlanth saved us from our enemies, and so we
joined his armies. We helped him fight his battles, and he
protected us and gave us a share of his treasures.
     After a while came the Ice Age. Orlanth didn't mind the cold,
but we had no hair, and so began to freeze. We went to Orlanth to
ask for help, but he didn't know what to do for us. He went to his
brother, Yinkin, to see if he knew a way to help us. Now Yinkin is
the Alynx, and he had a coat of fur to keep him warm. So he came
to our tribe, and taught us how to grow hair to keep us warm. All
of us, men and women both, grew thick coats of fur, and the cold
did not bother us anymore.
     After a long time, though, the ice retreated to the far north,
and the world grew warm again. But even though we did not need our
hair anymore, we men decided it would be too much trouble to cut it
all off, and so decided to keep it. Besides, who knew if the cold
might come back, and it would be foolish to be cold while we had to
grow all the hair back, right?
     However, the women disagreed. They said that lice were living
in their hair, and that it itched, and that it smelled bad when it
got wet. But the men told them to be quiet, and to go back to
their cooking. They did so, complaining that the hair smelled even
worse when it burned, but what could they do, fight their husbands?
     Our leader in those days was Odayla, Orlanth's own son, and
his wife Inella was the daughter of Inora, Snow Queen. Inora used
to be Yinkin's wife, but she left him because she said he was not
faithful to her. (Actually, Yinkin left her because she was
frigid.) Inella went to her mother for help, and she gave the
women razors made of ice, and showed them how to shave their hair
off. They did so, but not before their heat melted some of the
ice; that is why they still have hair in some of the parts they
could not reach, and why they are always trying to cut the rest of
their hair off. When the men saw this they were angry, but what
could they do? It was already done.
     This was fine for a while, but eventually the women started
complaining agin. They said the men's hair made them itch at
night, and that the men always smelled of dirty hair, and demanded
that the men cut their hair off too. The men refused, of course,
and sent the women back to their cooking. The women went, but
decided they would take matters into their own hands again. They
went back to Inora, and asked if she would give them razors to cut
their husbands' hair as well. She agreed, but said they would need
more help, since the men were already suspicious of them.
     Inora went to her friend the Poppy Flower, and asked for some
of her Sleep Pollen to use on the men. The flower-goddess agreed
to help, and made the women a special potion to put the men to
sleep. At the next feast, the women put the sleeping potion in the
mead which the men drank. Soon they all began falling asleep, and
the women took out their razors and began shaving the men.
     Yinkin's son, Yininor the Snow Leopard, had smelled something
funny in his mead, and drank only a little of it. When his wife
came to cut his hair he woke up quickly, and so kept his pelt. He
did not wake up quite fast enough, however, and she managed to
shave some of his hair offf, which is why we always have a bald
spot when we turn into cats.
     Yininor then howled and went to wake up the other men of the
clan. The women had already cut the hair off of their bodies, and
so the men kept only the hair on their head and faces (plus a few
spots the women could not get at). One man still had all the hair
on his back, and another the hair on his arms and legs, which is
why some of us have more hair than others. And one old man had
lost all of his hair (his wife was quicker than most), which is why
men go bald when they get old. But all men kept the hair on their
faces, and so men have had beards since then.
     After a while, the women began to regret cutting off their own
hair, since the men complained all the time about how ugly the
women were without any hair, not even a little bit of brown hair on
their heads like the men had. So they went to all of their
relatives and friends to see if they could get some hair to wear on
their heads, so the men would think they were pretty again.
     The first woman gathered some of the poppy flowers and used
them to grow hair on her head, which is why some of the people in
our clan have red hair. But she did not share this secret with any
of the other women, and so red hair is rare even today, and is most
common in her bloodline, Raska's family.
     Another woman's husband had taken slaves from a rival clan who
had hair the color of the Sun. She convinced him to let her have
some of this yellow hair, which is why some of the people in our
clan are blonde. There was only enough hair for her and her best
friends, though, and so blonde hair is not very common.
     The third woman went to her grandmother's folk, the People of
the Shadows, to see if they could help her. They took some shadows
and wove them onto her head, which is why some of the people in our
clan have black hair. She shared this with everyone in the clan,
and so many of us have black hair. And since all the men retained
a little hair from Yinkin, brown hair is common too.
     Inella Odayla's wife was the oldest woman in the clan, and she
was the last one to try and get some hair. She went to her mother
Inora, who made her some hair out of snow and ice. It was white,
of course, which is why old women have white hair.
     Yininor and his brothers later ate the poppy goddess, which is
why poppy flowers no longer grow in Dragon Pass. And since that
time, men have never quite trusted their wives, and cut their hair
themselves, to make sure there will be some left when they are

Stephen Martin
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