Re: Rhino stats

From: Lewis Jardine (
Date: Fri 09 May 1997 - 11:17:04 EEST

> From: (Stephen P Martin)
> Subject: Rhinos and Ostriches

> This worthy asks for statistics for rhinos and ostriches. Unless
> permission is not given, these will be appearing in The Book of Drastic
> Resolutions, Volume Prax, to be released at Gloranthacon in British
> Columbia. Along with a lot of stats for other Praxian creatures. Most of
> them new.

Stephen beware of one small problem.
When I converted Rhinos to RQ3 I noticed a problem: Bison!

Basically the RQ3 Bison is bigger & tougher & has more skin armour than
the RQ2 model. Thus you have to scale rhinos or they wind up as puny


PS> I'll try and remember to search out the stats I did for rhinos.


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