Non-RQ in Glorantha

Date: Fri 09 May 1997 - 16:40:43 EEST

Hi all,

I've been lurking here since last Autumn, and decided to post some ideas I've
had regarding non-RQ gaming in Glorantha.

Anyone ever look at Masterbook, from West End Games? I've been playing in
some games using both that and Torg for a couple years now, and there's a lot
to be said for its roleplaying potential. The drama deck encourages
characters to be larger than life, and allows for spectacular game results
(as well as ways to bring subplots onto your characters).

My one problem with the system stems from using Masterbook's FX creation
(spells) -- they're far from user-friendly. I've been looking at the Torg
Cleric's book, and it has potential, at least as a guideline.

Anyone else thought along these lines? If pushed, I might start some serious
work on the details... :)

- --Scott Baron (waves to Carl Fink)


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