Argrath!, Moon Wars, BODGERS etc...

From: Nikk Effingham (
Date: Fri 09 May 1997 - 17:06:00 EEST

>Pete N mentions gamers using systems other than RQ to run Glorantha. I
>thought I'd just add that I'm one of them, using my own system which is a
>mixture of GURPS and Pendragon, with a few ideas of my own chucked in. Has
>anyone else tried any other systems and found them particularly good/bad?

 Not only are the varied incarnations of RQ, there is Elric!! (which someone
- -- can;t remember who -- converted to Glorantha and renamed Argrath!),

Pendragon, GURPS, Moon Wars (excellent, brilliant stuff, based on Star Wars'
system), BODGERS (also excellent -- any chance of those promised BODGER
HeroQuest rules Lewis??), Rolemaster and I think I remember someone using
Tunnels and Trolls (anyone remember that??).

 Personally I'd like to see a Storyteller version, I'd be very fitting IMHO.

Nikk E.

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