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From: Schmidt, Erich (
Date: Fri 09 May 1997 - 07:04:46 EEST

Trent asks some questions....

1. Can a God manifest physically in the Material World?

No. But, he can incarnate in a willing, trained follower. This is how
Oakfed was used at the Battle of Moonbroth and how I believe Waha was able
to run about in the first and second ages.

2. What would you say the dividing line between a "spirit" (reachable by a
shaman) and a "god" (reachable only by worship or HeroQuesting) is?

This falls into more of a shade of grey that Glorantha mythology is becoming
famous for. The defining condition is one of power. The more power that
the being has the harder it is to casually contact. If I had to draw a
line, I would ask myself if this being was worshipped by more or less than a
clan or tribe. If the number of worshippers is limited, then I would
classify it as a Hero- or Spirit-cult and thus the entity needs to be close
to the material plane to grant it's followers abilities.

3. (When does a Heroquest appear on the Mundane Plane?)

"Low power" heroquests might take place on the Mundane plane. These would
be seasonal holy day ceremonies, questing to get a specific material object,
or things like Summoning the Foe Orlanthi quest. As long as it is possible
for a given opponent or target to be present, the magic of the quest will
force probability so that it does appear.

4. Does a Quest have to be based in a myth, or can it be wholly original?

The answer to this is what Arkat discovered and the God Learners exploited.
 You do not need a myth, but it is much safer. A myth is a road map for the
quest. It tells you what you are going to face, when you will face it, and
what outcome you can expect. The myth also reinforces the probable
outcomes. If you journey without a guiding myth, you are without guidemarks
to show you where you are in the Heroplane and without a paradigm to force
probability to a desired goal. This way, however, gives you much more
freedom to pick a desired result for a quest and lets you bring back wholly
new things.


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