Re: dragonewt NPCs

Date: Sat 10 May 1997 - 03:52:25 EEST

>> His conversations will have short sentences and will get better over
> Perhaps you could try dropping occasional words from the sentances.
> Try: "Perhaps you try dropping occasional words from sentances". hmmm?

At first it wouldn't even have that many words.

Background: PCs killed a Jack O'Bear (was a close one as he
had harmonized 5 of the 6 characters), this JoB had killed the
Noble Dragonewt previously so the N.D. was hunting it. PCs killed JoB.

A week later they run into N.D. (and friends) but N.D. smells JoB on PC
that killed it so make friends. N.D. says something like
"Squashhead kill me. You kill squashhead. You friend this dragonewt."
(sounds like Indians from old westerns, but hopefully gets point across,
btw, by what other names would JoBs be called?).
It was a dwarf that killed the JoB. Aren't dwarves and dragonewts at
odds with one another? (but then, what race isn't at odds with others?)

> As to names (warning! pun alert!);
> That which Tastes Buds
> Learn New Tongues
> Master Feeds Omnivores
I had no intention of being this silly. Can dragonewts be silly?



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